Skellig Michael Tour

It's a beautiful location and even made an appearance in Star Wars in the final scene of the film.

Skellig Michael, also called Great Skellig, is the larger of the two Skellig Islands, 11.6 kilometres west of the Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland.

The site was chosen by monks because of its inaccessibility and difficult terrain. And now it's a World Heritage site - and a dangerous one too.

On the Skellig Michael website, you will find a safety video for tourists and visitors, a small warning to take note of the dangers and steep parts of the mountain. They stress that there is no safety features, no food, no water, toilets or shelter. So come prepared!

Getting to the island itself takes about an hour via boat. Tourists have experienced turbulent waters and troublesome waves and this is one area that is very much known for its strong waves. So again, this is what you're signing up for.

The area is also known for falling rocks, so keep a lookout and be aware of your surroundings.

Two deaths took place in 2009 and sparked concerns about the heritage space, whether to keep it as an open attraction for tourists or not. The additions of rails were rejected, as that would destroy the authenticity of the site.

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