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If you want to see spectacular bird, sea and animal wildlife you have to take a trip on Seafari at Kenmare.

If you would like to take about three hours from your busy schedule and board this cruise you will be well rewarded. 

Captain Ray and crew Carl will provide binoculars, blankets, good cheer, sweets, tea and song along your way. It is a wonderful way to hear some of the history of Kenmare, watch the wildlife and sit among seals for a time. You will be completely enchanted.

Seafari is a 10 mile cruise around river and islands, just a five minute walk from Kenmare town centre. This is a friendly and informative cruise. With a fiddler to entertain, as well as a singing captain.

As the cruise nears the rocks where the seals are raising their pups you will see an amazing seal colony only a few feet away from you and binoculars are readily available to all on board.

Being a family run business it is so informal. The captain imparts  the safety details in a very clear and informative manner, including "anyone seen dropping litter overboard will swiftly be thrown over to retrieve it!" 

The seating on the boat is tiered so everyone is able to see the sights and birds on the way down. The trees where the sea eagles nest are pointed out.  

As the boat approaches the islands where the seals are the boat slows and the captain asks for everyone to move to the starboard side of the boat and listen and watch him for the protocols he said were rules, not suggestions.

These rules are for the sake of the seals you will see, and were about not startling them by loud noises and flash photography and no sudden moves and frantic pointing.

When everyone is settled and quiet the captain slowly moves the boat towards one of the islands. The seals are used to the boats gentle engine noises and the boat approaches by degrees till you are about 20 metres from the island.

It is awesome in it's truest sense. You sit for over half an hour watching the seals watching you. Many are basking on the shore, youngsters and older ones cooling off in the water then coming ashore again.

There are many different colours and markings to see. Very different from the captive seals you see in zoos. It is wonderful.

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