Pan Celtic Festival

The Pan Celtic Festival is a Celtic-language music festival which takes place each year in the week following Easter in different locations of the Celtic Nation.

Formed in KillarneyCounty KerryIreland, the Pan Celtic Festival was organised as a music festival to be held every Spring, to promote the modern cultures and Celtic languages through the medium of music. It was originally entitled Gwyl Gerdd Bach (Welsh for "Small Music Festival"), by Con O'Connaill, but later changed to its current name.

Members of the six Celtic Nations: Brittany (Breizh), Cornwall (Kernow), Wales (Cymru), Scotland (Alba), Ireland (Éire) and the Isle of Man (Mannin) holds its own national selection event to choose its representatives at the Festival. The most successful Celtic nation is Wales, with fourteen wins, with Cornwall close behind, having won ten times. Bénjad, who represented Cornwall in 2012 and 2013, became the first artist in the festival's history to have won twice. 

The Isle of Man is the least successful nation, having only won once in 2014. The latest winners, as of April 2017, are Ireland, represented by Emer O'Flaherty, Paddy Mulcahy and Angelo Heart with the song Taibhse ("Ghost").


The Pan Celtic festival offers the best in Celtic music, expect to see pipe bands, harpists and fiddlers from Ireland and Scotland as well as traditional folk music, even Celtic rock and pop music.

Club Nights

Club na Féile offers the best overview of the music diversity in the Celtic nations each night during the Festival as Club na Féile is hosted by each of the participating countries. The Scottish Night appeals to Céilí and dance enthusiasts. Make a point of including it in your week’s activities.


The Inter Celtic Dance Competition is held on Saturday. This is perhaps the most colourful and certainly the most dramatic manifestation and expression of the Celtic vibrancy. The flair, panache and sheer energy on display makes for a stunning evening.

Public displays of dance can also be viewed during festival week and our Welsh visitors, dressed in traditional costume always give a mesmerising display of their local dances.


The Pan Celtic Parade will take place on 6th April 2018 and promises to provide a wonderful, multi colour display from all our Celtic Nations. Please bring your National Flag and ensure that it is displayed during the Parade.


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