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Lios Póil, Lispole, A stretched village on a winding road, is known as the "Gateway to the Gaeltacht.”


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Not only does this mean that more people can be heard speaking Irish but also that road signs and town names are written in their original Irish form.

Recent developments have seen the blacking out of the English names altogether which creates a lot of confusion for tourists looking for directions.

It is on the Dingle Peninsula, 5 miles east of the town of Dingle and 25 miles west of Tralee on the N86 National Secondary Route. 

Lispole village, with its church and shops grew up around the bridge over the Owenalondrig River in the nineteenth century. To the north of the main road can be seen Lispole Viaduct, an impressive relic of the Tralee and Dingle Railway.

In previous years, the Tralee to Dingle steam train used to stop here. A visual relic from this past is the railway viaduct that spans the Owenalondrig River which was built around 1890. It is also of course a reminder that the once narrow-guage rail line was in its time, an engineering marvel.

Lispole is a scattered community, bounded on the north by mountains and on the south by cliffs and inlets of Dingle Bay, and rolling green countryside, if offers a real taste of county-living.. Historically the area consists of two parishes, Kinard and Minard 

At Kilmurry Bay in Minard are the remains of Minard Castle towering over a dramatic storm beach of large rounded boulders. Nearby is the holy well of St.John, still visited on the saint's "pattern day". 

The birthplace of Irish revolutionary Tomás Ághas, Lispole has a rich culture, including Gaelic Games, the Irish language and Traditional music and Irish dancing. One of the highlights every summer is the annual Féile Lios Póil, a Traditional Irish country carnival which takes place over three days in August.

There are many beautiful country walks among the hills and mountains to experience as well as the warm and welcoming nature of the locals.


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