Lakes And Loughs Of County Kerry

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As I travel through County Kerry on many a hike or climb it can be very hard to not come across a body of water in some shape or form.


I get asked, what is the diference between a lake and a lough? Well, a Lake  is a body of water that is enclosed inland except for maybe a river in/out. 

A Lough/Loch (Irish/Scottish for lake respectively) – As above but can also be a sea inlet a la the Norwegian Fjords. Also a Tarn, seen on many a mountain or fell up towards summits. These are ponds/small lakes left behind when the glaciers melted and disappeared.

These lakes and loughs contribute to the beauty and majestic views throughout the Kingdom of County Kerry.  A walk around a lakes edge, the mountains, hills behind reflecting on the water, has captured many a nature seeker, auther and poet. An On this unspoilt land of astonishing beauty.

Waking up on the banks of Lough Currane, the first thing that hits you is the silence. There's no rumble of commuter traffic, only the splish-splash of waves lapping at the shore.

Outside there's nobody, and the air tastes fresh and clean. It's a misty morning, and the lough seems to stretch on forever. Who cares if it's raining? This is County Kerry Ireland, after all.

Here is a list of the best Loughs, Lakes and Tarns in County Kerry.

Lough Gill

Lough Caragh