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Rowing is one of the oldest of all sports, and County Kerry with its miles of coastal waters is one of the leaders and most enthusiastic of the sport.

Rowing is divided into sweep Rowing and sculling. Sweep Rowing involves the participant using both hands on one oar; in sculling the participant holds one oar in each hand.

Boats may include a cox (coxwain), who generally steers the boat by means of wires, and guides and rallies the crew. In the shorthand of the sport, coxless crews are denominated by a minus (e.g. a men's coxless four is M4-).

Senior sculling crews generally do not include a cox. The set distance for competition in regattas is 2,000 metres. Six-lane racing is standard.

All around the Dingle peninsula July and August sees local regattas where teams race in the traditional canvas-hulled canoes called naomhogs.

Scraggane Pier, Maharees, Castlegregory

July / Iúil 6   2014 Kerry Regatta`s. Maharees Regatta

Regatta na Machairí The Maharees Regatta is the first of the summer's contests of naomhóg racing. The regatta attracts competitors from Clare and Galway as well as local crews from all around the Dingle Peninsula. 

                  Ventry Regatta  Regatta Fionn Trá

                     Ventry / Ceann Trá   July / Iúil 19 & 20

One of the oldest, the Ventry Regatta - which is referred to in the Blasket books. The various parishes fiercely contest the races, and there is always a vibrant atmosphere. This is very much a local rather than a tourist oriented event, but all are of course welcome.

The Ventry Regatta is a two day festival of sporting and cultural activities in and around the village and beach of Ventry.

In addition to naomhóg racing there will be family sports, beach art, poetry, dancing, walking and horse shoe throwing. 

                       Baile na nGall / Ballydavid

                       August / Lúnasa 4
   Ballydavid Regatta

Regatta Baile na nGall
 Traditional naomhóg racing, plus a number of cultural activities and walks.    Crews from Cumann Ramhaíochta Chorca Dhuibhne and Maharees will put on a fine display of naomhóg racing as commentators provide an appropriate soundtrack to the day's proceedings. 

All eyes will be  turned towards the sea for Rás Mór na bhFear and Rás Mór na mBan as large crowds of spectators pack the pier in Baile na nGall outside Begley's and TPs pubs to catch a glimpse of the action. 

One of the great highlights of Regatta Baile na nGall is a punt race in which the local fishermen pit themselves against each other.   

                       Dingle / Daingean Uí Chuis

                                   August / Lúnasa 16 & 17


Dingle Regatta / Regatta An Daingin

This harbour race in traditional Irish currach (or naomhóg ) canoes is County Kerry's largest event of its kind and inspired the trad song of the same name.

A two-day programme of highly competitive races displaying the skill and expertise of the boat men and women of Corca Dhuibhne and further afield in Dingle Harbour. 

Competitors from West Kerry are joined by crews from the Maharees, Brandon and as far away as Donegal and Clare at this annual event. 

           Brandon / Cé Bhréanainn  Brandon Regatta
                                    August / Lúnasa 24

The Brandon Regatta is the last rowing contest of the summer and is held in late August every year. Boat races take place from the village's fishing pier.

There are usually seven races on the card and the first of these, the under18 mixed race, gets underway before 3pm.

There is always a good crowd of supporters and visitors at the regatta who enjoy the racing and a pint or two on the quayside.

It is always a memorable day at Brandon and the event is also marked by music, song and festivities in the local pubs and on the village's waterfront. 

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