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The Kerry coast has been hacked and torn by wind and sea in a sustained battle which has produced such features as The Cliffs Of Doneen and the jagged, ocean moulded rocks, coves and golden sands of its peninsulas. I never cease to wonder at the beauty and the fearsome power of the Atlantic Ocean around The Kerry Coast.

The deep rivers of County Kerry have allowed her main cities to be sited far enough inland to be sheltered from exposure to the wild Atlantic, but with sufficient access to the ocean to allow development of rich sea-borne trade.

Beaches on the Kerry side of the Shannon stretch south from Beale Strand to Doneen point, where the cliffs start once more and continue onto Ballybunion and Kerry Head.

After Kerry Head the county is carved into two great rias, or drowned valleys flanked by the rugged peninsulas whose mountains and headlands claw the moody sea like fingers of a crippled hand.

The only features anything like these long narrow inlets to be found in the rest of Europe are the fjords of Norway. The two inlets are respectively known as Dingle Bay and the Kenmare river.

These rugged, isolated places, have contributed to most of Irelands Traditions, that of the early Christian hermit seeking perfect solitude and communion with God.

The wilder Islands off the Kerry coast contrast strongly with the gentle sloping fields and grazing cattle that have been protected by the fury of the devastating Atlantic storms.

Skellig Michael one of these hermit enclaves, the largest of an island group, which was formed by the drowning of 3 mountains and can be reached from Portmagee and Cahirciveen.

The Blasket Islands is another famous straddle of islands off the Dingle Peninsula

The coastline around County Kerry offers more than just scenery, there is an immense choice for everyone.

  • Sea Fishing.
  • Scuba Diving
  • Sailing
  • Bird Spotting
  • Surfing
  • Wild Life
  • Beaches

    The end of summer generally heralds the start of the large whale season and the arrival of fin and humpback whales along the Kerry coast. The slow trickle of large whale sightings becomes a steady stream.

    Humpback whales have been confirmed further west off the Kerry coast. So yes, it’s time to blow the dust of those binoculars and to reacquaint yourself with your local headland.

    West Cork and Kerry waters provide important feeding habitat for these giants who can spend five months or longer over the Autumn/winter period feeding on large shoals of sprats and spawning herring.

    Data suggests strongly that increased numbers of fin whales, are arriving inshore along the West Cork and Kerry Coast, and in the Autumn months these are likely to be viewable from watch sites along the coast.

    The great thing is that no matter where you live in West Cork or around the Kerry Coast Line you are never likely to be far from a vantage point which has the potential to offer some of the best land-based whale watching in the northern hemisphere.

    The rule of thumb is that those very large whales with a large 6-9m vertical plume or “blow” which do not lift their tail-flukes are most likely to be fin whales; whereas the smaller, more robust whales with a more bushy blow, that lift their flukes are almost certainly humpback whales.

    The smaller and more frequently seen minke whale neither shows a visible blow and never tail-flukes. IWDG would love to hear of your sightings, be they land or boat based, and they will ask you to report them on the sightings section of

    On the home page, select the “sightings” option on top of page, then select the “Report Sightings on Line” option, and this will take you straight into the form.

    All you need do is complete as many of the fields as accurately as you can, based on what you actually saw (as against what you might have liked to have seen).

    Once reported, your sighting will be validated (checked for accuracy) and added to the Irish cetacean database with full acknowledgment. IWDG hope to continue our Photo ID research.

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