Kerry Bog Turf

A sod of Kerry Turf

I always find it amazing how a smell can bring back memories of a time gone past. A whiff of turf smoke on a winter’s evening wafting from a chimney pot, or newly mown hay on a bright cheery summer day, can suddenly transport you back in time.

Where-ever you live in the world the smell and aroma of Kerry Bog turf will transport you to that relaxing chat around the hearth, walking home in the evening after a hard days work thinking about those happy evenings around the fire in Kerry Long ago.

Now you can bring back those moments wherever you live in the world, not with a stick of incense but a burning piece of Real Kerry Turf.

The smell and aroma will fill the room and if you shut your eyes and lie back in your comfortable chair you will have created your own time machine.

For just 10 Euro I will post you a “Time Machine”, (Kerry Bog Turf) measuring approximately 60mm x 60mm by 20mm thick shipped to anywhere in the world. All you have to do is email me at the link below.

Kerry Bog Turf