Kerry 24/12/6 Endurance Race Castleisland

Saturday to Sunday Kerry 24/12/6 Hour Endurance Track Race

Are you ready to run for 24 Hours?

The Kerry 24/12/6 Hour Endurance Race is one of the ultimate tests of running endurance in Ireland, are you ready to take up the challenge and see how far you can go for 24 Hours?

The Kerry 24/12/6 Hour Endurance Race will take place at the An Riocht Track in Castleisland. From Saturday at 12:00 PM To Sunday at 12:00 PM.

Each finisher will receive a specially commissioned Kerry 24/12/6 Hour Endurance Medal and Tech finisher top, and those that complete over 100 miles in the 24 Hour Race will receive an extra “Kerry 24 Hour Hoodie” and an exclusive “Kerry 24 Hour Running Cap” to commemorate their fantastic achievement. But the real prize is to know that you’ve ran for 24 Hours non-stop in Kerry.

Are you tough enough to complete The Kerry 24/12/6 Hour Endurance Race?

Race Information

  • The event will have official race aid stations that will include a selection of drinks, and electrolytes and a wide variety of hot and cold foods.
  • Participants will be allowed to set up their own aid stations in a designated area.
  • The infield will be available to erect tents (24 Hour Only), if participants wish to do so.
  • Participants must enter the infield at a designated location.
  • In order to be deemed a finisher for the Kerry 24/12/6 Hour Endurance Race participants will have to cover a min of 42K for the 6 hour event, 50K for the 12 hour event, and 100K for the 24 hour event. Participants who fail to cover the required distance for each event will not receive a medal or tech top.
  • Full Race Information Fact Sheet will be emailed to each Participant.
  • The event will be chipped time, laps will be displayed on a Monitor and Board
  • Toilets and shower facilities will be available to all participants


Friday: Number Pick up and Race Briefing 7pm at the An Riocht Clubhouse, Castleisland, Co. Kerry.

Saturday: Start Time: 12 noon (An Riocht Track) 24 hour/12 Hour/6 Hour

  • Finish: 12 hours (Midnight), 6 hours (6pm)


Sunday: Finish: 24 hours (12 Noon)

AWARDS & TROPHIES for the Kerry 24/12/6 Hour Endurance Race

6 Hour – Ladies/Men 1st, 2nd & 3rd

12 Hour – Ladies/Men 1st, 2nd & 3rd 


External Links:

An Ríocht – The Fitness Hub Of Kerry


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