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Horse riding in County Kerry is one of the finest ways to experience the natural beauty of the Kingdom of Kerry. The magical charm of the scenery and culture makes Kerry an ideal destination for horseback riding.

Few counties revere the horse as much as County Kerry and horseback riding is deeply woven into the culture. The rural countryside with its stone walls, green fields and rolling hills is very pleasant to explore trail riding in company with a good horse. 

There is a wide variety of riding vacations from jumping to trail riding which have been well tested and proven over the years. There are miles and miles of open beach which are ideal for a gallop and the horses always love it. Of course the rich history of the county is everywhere to be seen dating back to very early times of the Skellig Monks and before.

County Kerry is truly the perfect backdrop for a relaxing hack.

Whether you are a seasoned rider or a beginner rider, the riding centers in Kerry can cater for your experience levels and ensure you have a great day at any one of the recommended stables. If you are visiting the County on holiday you can arrange a mountain hack or a trail hack or a gallop along a beach or ride the criss-crossed ancient tracks and lanes. You can ride all day, sharing the views with the soaring eagles and clouds. If you prefer take a lesson from one of the many stables available.

A horse ride throughout the County can provide you with a wealth of opportunities to explore, experience, and discover the beauty of County Kerry. You can enjoy a hack across a variety of landscapes within the County from rolling heathlands, beautiful coastlines to magical woodlands and rugged mountains. Keep an eye out to make sure you can spot the incredible Kerry wildlife.

The riding and trekking centres are working together to offer top quality trekking, riding and hacking holidays, short rides and pony trekking.

Here is a list of excellent riding stables:

Killarney Riding Stables

Blackwater Stables

Tralee Equestrian Centre

Burnham Riding Centre

Dingle Horse Riding