Fenit Loop Walk

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What is it they say about "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray ?"

This is a 4.7Km coastal loop walk around Fenit Island. Sadly what has the potential as a top loop walk in Kerry, is cut short by electric fences and trespass signs. However despite those obstacles you can still enjoy views of the amazing Kerry Coast Line. 

Start walking on the Beach Island road from Fenit Without. Keeping left, drop down onto the rocky beach and follow the coast. The terrain is quite uneven, so you need to be quite steady on the feet.

Mine was a cycle to Dingle but because of the weather and met éireanns forecast I didn't fancy the anticipated soaking. Result....the sun shone from the heavens and over by the Conor pass the mountains glistened ! Lets just be joyful for what was ahead of me, a nice hour of peace and morning tranquility in Fenit.

Starting out from the carpark at the head of the pier a half sandy, concrete path winds around to the diving boards and a view of the lighthouse.

Up some steps on to grassy land and quickly down on to a pebbly beach. Here it's beach all the way with a mix of pebbles, seaweed and grey sand to navigate. The views are spectacular though, with the Maharees in the distance, Caherconree over your shoulder and Fenit Island and Kerryhead in front.

After about 15minutes stroll you are walking with a narrow sand dune to your right, protecting the shallow lagoon of Barrow harbour from the ocean.

Once the dune tapers down you can walk through it and head in a southerly direction on the tidal sand road that links Fenit Island with the mainland. 

Keeping Barrow harbour to the left follow the shoreline around in a large arc and onto one of Fenit's best kept secrets. Talaught Lane is like stepping back in time with fishermans cottages and the lane falling down into the harbour. You can almost see the old fishermen fixing their nets, blowing on a clay pipe with stacks of drift net and lobster pots in the vicinity.

At the top of the road it's a right turn, up over the old rail bridge past the old lighthouse pub and right turn back into Fenit Village and the completion of the loop.

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