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The views are stunning

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The panoramic views seen from Carhoo Hill include a large proportion of the Dingle Peninsula and beyond.

The Eask Tower is a solid stone tower on the top of Carhoo Hill or Ballymacadoyle Hill, just south west of Dingle Town, over-looking Dingle harbour.

Built in 1847 as a famine relief project, this is a remarkable edifice, a 12m (39-ft.) tower built of solid stone nearly 5m (16 ft.) thick with a wooden arrow pointing to the mouth of the harbour. 

It is certainly interesting to look at, but the main reason for making the 1.6km (1-mile) climb to the summit of Carhoo Hill is not to see the tower, but the incredible views of Dingle Harbour, Connor Pass, and, on the far side of the bay, the peaks of the Iveragh Peninsula. This is a great place to get your bearings, but save a trip here for a clear day.

The Tower was built in order to guide the ships and boats into the mouth of the blind harbor. The wooden hand pointing from the Tower, guides the boats to their destination.

It is crowned with the 19th century's mariners beacon and a World War11 look-out post. This is because the mouth of Dingle Harbor is a "blind" mouth, and this beacon told sailors to let their sails down, enabling them to lose speed and to round the harbor mouth safely. 

The building of it on Carhoo (Ceathru) hill, 600 feet above sea level, provided work during the Great Famine, at the instigation of Reverend Charles Gayer, Leader of the Protestants, in an attempt to win converts.

Twenty-seven feet was its original height, but at the turn of the century, the old hand was removed and an extra thirteen feet of stone was added to its height. A new hand was placed, roughly at the beginning of the extension.

The panoramic views seen from Carhoo Hill include a large proportion of the Dingle Peninsula and beyond. For example, The Blasket islands, Slea Head, Ventry, Dingle Harbor, the Iveragh Peninsula, Skellig Rocks, and Irelands two highest mountains - Carrauntoohill and Mount Brandon.

It can be reached by branching left from the Ventry Road at Ballymore, 4km west of Dingle. The views are amazing up at the tower. As far as the hike, well it`s not difficult and can be done in sneakers or other such casual footwear. Be prepared for the journey. Realize you are walking through fields frequented by sheep. The souvenirs you'll pick up on your shoes can be washed off at the bottom of the trail.

I am all my life going to Dingle and always looked across at this tower; I can't believe I've waited 37 years to climb to the top. 

The views are stunning,

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