Cahersiveen Mountain Roots Music Festival 

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Cahersiveen Mountain Roots Music is an initiative driven by Teacht Thar Sáile Folk Club. It has as its emphasis, the promotion and development of a forum where performers and followers of Roots music can enjoy our supportive role, in providing a continued platform that facilitates Roots music performance and appreciation.

As a body, we are a non-profit group, who wish to continue to provide a way to support artists and venues alike, to participate in Roots Music events. We also promote Roots music to attract wider audience appreciation.

The attraction of Roots music is wide, but it has one outstanding unique quality, it is inclusive of all ages. It offers a forum where young to old can feel welcome and involved. As we have developed over the last while, we have witnessed an integration of various vintages of musicians performing together and enjoying each other’s music and company.

Likewise. One of the attractions of Roots music is its propensity of musicians for supporting each other. The beginner enthusiast is encouraged at workshops and sessions while the “long time player” has an avenue to enjoy yet another venue to participate in his or her passion, irrelevant of their level of ability. After all, Roots Music cares about the “Passion” or love of it and not so much about the “Technical Trials”!!

As an adjunct to the above, we believe that the concept of Cahersiveen Mountain Roots music can benefit our Rural community. Steeped in a long tradition of music and song, which is the essence of Roots music, we perceive ours as a base that has so much to offer to The Roots music follower and are the ideal venue to attract visitors, be they performers, audience or indeed both.


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