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Bridge over the Owenascaul river flowing through Annascaul

Annascaul, half way between Tralee and Dingle Town is an unassuming quiet village with more strength and history than most villages in Ireland, let alone County Kerry. Stop around here and explore and you will find many interesting facts concerning Anascaul.

There is the fact that Anascaul gets its name from the legend of a giant who tried to capture a young girl in the 1st century AD. Her name was Scal, but his attempt failed when a fierce brave warrior, Cuchulainn, came to the rescue.

Cuchulainn and the giant threw boulders at each other and fought for days until eventually Cuchulainn was seriously injured and fell.

Cuchulainn did not die, but Scal thought he had and drowned herself in the lake, which takes its name from her.

The lake is in the north of the village in a wild boulder, strewn gorge. An exquisite lake and fantastic for Fishing surrounded by wild flowers and lake fauna.

Anascaul is a splendid place for walking, in fact you could call it a walkers paradise, hill and dale, sea, river and lake make an ever changing challenge, with the wild flowers of County Kerry blooming everywhere.

Annascaul and Inch lie in the southern foothills of the Slieve Mish mountains. This range forms the backbone of the Dingle Peninsula and rises to peaks of over 2,000 feet. Mountains and beaches are an exciting combination offering amazing views and many possibilities for recreation.

Walking in the area ranges from sea level to the mountains around Annascaul's lake and river. The "Dingle Way" passes through Inch and Annascaul. We also have our own way-marked walks. Wherever you walk, the views are breathtaking, the countryside unspoilt, and the routes unfrequented.

The Annascaul and Inch Walking Festival is held over the October bank holiday weekend. It is a three-day guided walking festival.

To the southwest of the village there are the remains of Minard castle, once a stronghold of the Knights of Kerry, built in the 16th century, when it was the largest fortress on the peninsula, destroyed by Cromwellian troops in 1650.


Annascaul River mouth is a fairly exposed beach break that has very consistent surf and works all around the year. Offshore winds blow from the northeast with some shelter here from north winds. Tends to receive a mix of groundswells and wind swells and the best swell direction is from the southwest. Waves at the beach break both left and right. Surfable at all stages of the tide. It's sometimes crowded here. Take special care here if it gets very crowded.

Anascaul, in its own quiet way, like the famous man himself, is the birthplace of Tom Crean. At the west end of this attractive one street village on the Dingle road, tucked away between the sea and the mountain peaks is “The South Pole Inn”, where Tom Crean retired to after his Antarctic expeditions.

The South Pole Inn is full of Tom Crean memorabilia and you can enjoy a hearty meal, the type of meal that will set you up for the rest of the day, or a trip to the Antarctic, at a very reasonable price too.

Jerome Connor the Internationally renowned sculptor was also one of Anascaul`s famous sons, one of his most impressive pieces is the Lusitania monument in the centre of Cobh, County cork.

here are three other bars in Annascaul Dan Foley`s and Herlihy`s. If you want to stay for the night Teac Seáin Traditional Irish Pub and Bed and Breakfast is hard to beat.

I was passing through Annascaul one Thursday afternoon and decided to stop for a cool pint of Guinness. I won`t tell you which one of the first class hostelries I went into, but while I was in there a couple from Texas who were touring Kerry decided to come in for a bite.

As they sat down, the husband frowned as he brushed some crumbs from his chair and his wife did likewise as she wiped the table with her napkin.

The bartender came over and asked if they would like to see a menu. No thanks, said the husband. I'll just have a cup of tea with cream and sugar. I'll have the same, his wife said. and please make sure the cup is clean.

Unphased by the rudeness of the remark, the bartender smiled and marched off into the kitchen. A few minutes later, he was back.

"Two cups of tea", he announced in his lovely lilting Irish brogue..."And which one of you was it who wanted the clean cup?"

I nearly choked on my Guinness.

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