Around My Sweet Tralee, She Is Lovely And Fair Like The Rose Of The Summer

Tralee, Around My Sweet Tralee, She Is Lovely And Fair Like The Rose Of The Summer 

Tralee, or “Trali” is a down to earth town with an authentic and appealing atmosphere of everyday Irish life. You’ll need a few days here for the crossroads of all parts of County Kerry is Tralee.

The Tralee people think they are the capital of Kerry, but so do Killarney folks. There is always a gentle banter between these two great towns in Kerry.

Do not picture the picturesque Ireland, but in Tralee you will find handsome Georgian buildings, an excellent museum, bustling streets, great pubs (I’ll tell you about these later) fantastic places to eat, night clubs (If that is what you want) and some extra special places only you will know about (when I tell you).

For those of you who enjoy museums, there is “The Kerry Kingdom” museum on Ashe Street, with its excellent displays of Irish History with an emphasis on Kerry.

There is also The Geraldine Experience, multimedia presentation that includes a ride around the re-creation of a walled town from 1450. 

Tralee is known as the “Rebel Town”, founded by the Normans in 1216. In the 16th century the last ruling Earl of Desmond was captured and executed here. His head was sent to Queen Elizabeth 1 who spiked it on London Bridge.

The Desmond castle originally stood at the junction of Denny Street and the Mall but any trace of medieval Tralee that survived the Desmond wars was razed during the Cromwellian period. The castle was completely destroyed in the 17th century by Cromwell and his army.

There has always been an uneasy relationship between Tralee and those who wanted to dominate her.

To day some majestic 18th century houses can be seen in Denny Street and Castle Street. Off Castle Street is the impressive 19th century courthouse with a splendid Ionic portice.

At Day Place, one of the oldest parts of the town, on the site of a 13th century friary is the 1861 Dominican church with its fine stained glass windows.

Ashe Street is the home of the Court House, a solemn fortress-like building.

Saint Johns church, built in 1870 in Castle Street, is reputed to have the tallest spire in Ireland, at 200ft.

Tralee is also a modern town with ample banking facilities, web cafes, shopping malls, hotels and loads of B&B`s, not to mention the pub’s and night life.

I believe there are more girls to the male species by the rate of 4-1.

Make what you want of that piece of information

If you enjoy Salsa there is a Salsa class every Thursday evening at the OLD OAK bar, Rock Street, (Ask for Linda)

Talking about young ladies, every year there is the International Rose of Tralee Festival which any woman, with even remote Irish connections, may enter with the hope of winning.

The atmosphere and the craic are famous, with Irish bands playing in all the bars nearly 24 hours a day for nearly a week. A week of pageantry, music and merrymaking.

Was your great, great, grandfather born in Tralee?

There’s a Host of Everything in Tralee:

Aqua Dome Tralee

Tralee Equestrian Centre

Tralee Garden Festival

Tralee International Full And Half Marathon

Tralee International Valentines Day 10 Mile Race 

Tralee To Camp Walk Route

Rose Of Tralee Festival

Tralee Golf Club

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