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Sneem village derives its name from snaidhm, the Gaelic for “Knot”. It stands on the bank of the tumbling River Sneem that twists and weaves its way down the mountainside and through the village of Sneem.

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Ramblers on the Kerry Way, a way of walking around the Ring of Kerry, find Sneem a relaxing place to stop and sample the excellent food and drink. It is also a great place to catch a few salmon.

The village is arranged around two squares, with two interesting churches and public houses. Big Bertha, the oldest cow in the world, living to nearly 50yrs of age, is Sneems greatest celebrity.

Big Bertha was born on Saint Patrick’s Day in 1944; she was of the rare Dremon breed, mother of 39 calves, raised funds for local charities and loved her Guinness. She can still be seen in the town, stuffed and mounted.

This figure-of-eight-town joined in the middle by a picturesque little bridge, with a rushing salmon stream below, is a cornucopia of colour. With brightly painted houses, a sculpture park and a monument to an Irish president, Caerbhaill O Dalaigh who retired here.

It is certainly a village from the past, or could it be the future. Lets look around anyway.


  • Arch House-7145127. North Square.
  • Bank House-7145226. North Square.
  • Failte House-7142333. Shelborne Street.
  • Derry East Farmhouse-71445193. Outside of town at the Waterville end.
  • Harbour View Hostel-7145276

Now where shall we eat and enjoy the craic:

  • The Blue Bull, is a pub in South Square that serves good Irish food and magnificent Seafood (my Favourite) After your meal have a short stroll around the town and head back for the music and song.
  • Sacre Coeur, is an excellent restaurant at the other end of town, you could have a meal here and then head over to the Blue Bull. Riverain Restaurant, in the North square for a candle-lit dinner. Village Kitchen, for decent home cooked food.
For your Evening Wind-Down.
  • The Blue Bull, as above
  • The Fisherman’s Knot, best on a Sunday night
  • O`Shea`s Bar, in North Square is as good a traditional Irish bar as you will find anywhere.

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Sneem: Great Southern Hotel Parknasilla. “MAGIC”
From a Californian visitor.

I have travelled extensively all over the lovely Island of Ireland, from Cork to Donegal and from Kerry to Derry, but I must say this is a lovely magical hotel that retains a sense of history.
If you feel like an exhilarating, unbelievable scenic walk, stroll over to Caherdaniel, along the “Kerry Way”. Cannot recommend highly enough.

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