Kilmoyle, Where They Don’t Talk About Hurling

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Kilmoyle, where they don’t talk about the Gaelic game of hurling is a complete fallacy, it’s all they talk about, many a farm shed and bale of hay was burnt down when they won the County final, that’s the area, village, community they call Kilmoyle.

Just a few miles down the road from Ballyheige is a small, and I mean a small mad little collection of houses, a church, a graveyard and of course a pub. This is Kilmoyle.

Don’t forget this is still crazy hurling country; you’ve got to be nearly certified to play that game.

However I’ve enjoyed some great nights at the “TOC O BAUN”. I know I have spelt it wrong but I can’t remember the words all I know is it sounded like that. (It’s The Pub On The Crossroads), or is it?

Can’t remember what I did (Maurice can’t remember going there) but I know I had a good time and definitely enjoyed myself.

Need a bit of help on this one.

Any good info on Kilmoyle please e-mail me (At least the proper spelling of the name of your bar)

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