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Killorglin You Must See Puck Fair

Killorglin Town stands on a hill a little to the south of Castlemaine Harbour headwaters, on the noted salmon fishing River Laune. If you enjoy the CRAIC and a bit of the unusual then the place to be in August is Killorglin.

The ruined 13th century Castle Conway was the original name of the town.

Most of Killorglins fame comes from the mad Puck Fair Festival, which is held in August and has to be seen to be believed.

A Goat 100ft up on scaffolding and the whole town getting exceedingly drunk and merry.

Puck Fair is the most famous event of its kind in the whole of Ireland, let alone County Kerry.

It’s origins date back to pagan times (I always thought this) and the whole occasion is centred around the puck, or Goat, (a creature with monstrous horns) set up upon a platform at the head of the town.

Absolutely unbelievable, when I first saw Killorglin, and it was during the festival, I thought, well I won’t tell you what I thought but it has stayed in my mind for 40 years, I was only 12 then and I can still vividly remember the day till now.

Killorglin during Puck Fair is a must, just to see it and say you were there.

Not far from Killorglin Town is Cromane beach. This is the place to visit if you truly want a piece of unspoilt scenery and to really get away from the tourist trail.

It's quiet beach of stones and sand running along a peaceful inlet with mountains setting the scene for a beautiful backdrop. It may not have facilities here but this isn't why you'd come here. A true hidden gem of an escape.

A Beautiful beach, secluded, clean and just very picturesque. It's a stoney beach but if you're a photographer, you will love the whole package. Stunning views.

Just a short walk from Killorglin centre is Ballykissane Pier, famous for the 1916 Easter Rising. Ireland was under British rule and had suffered for centuries of hardship from the British governing.

The 1916 Rising was a rebellion aimed at ending British rule in Ireland and establishing an Irish Republic. This is why killorglin is steeped in history having had the first 3 volunteers deaths.

These three men were members of a party of four who tragically took a wrong turn and were drowned when their car plunged into the sea.

The Ballykissane Monument was erected to commemorate the deaths of Donal Sheahan. Conn Keating and Charlie Monaghan at Ballykissane pier on 21 April 1916 as they attempted to assist the import of guns to help the volunteers.

Located on Ballykissane Pier is a monument to commemorate the loss of life of three Volunteers, Donal Sheahan. Conn Keating and Charlie Monaghan. In 1916 their car plunged into the sea while they were on the way to Cahirciveen in order to set up radio communications with Sir Roger Casement and the German arms ship Aud.

The Pier is an enchanting location with magical overtones of the past, a world lost in past present and future lifes to be. it is an amazing place to go to think or relax, read a book or have a little picnic. It is an amazing place to go to think or relax, read a book or have a little picnic. If you ever have a feeling or a need for peace and quiet, take a trip to Ballykissane Pier.

Its charms are simple and old fashioned, but profound. Of course it can be windy and the sea rough, but the overriding sense of this special place is one of stillness and calm.

There are fabulous big skies there and a play of light and reflections on water. And if you are patient, you see and hear various water birds and otters there. You can drive to Ballykissane Pier from Killorglin (about 3 minutes) but you can also walk.

The first km is on a busy enough road, but the second km is rural and the hedgerows are alive with wild flowers and little birds. Well worth a visit if you are not in a hurry.

If you have any great stories of Killorglin and or Puck Fair please send me an email and I will include them on this page, thanks, Tom.

Killorglin: Caragh Lodge: Wonderful Hosts at an Elegant Country Home.” A visito from Los Angeles, California.

This was our favourite place to stay, due in no small measure to the graciousness of our hosts, Mary and Graham.

We arrived at the lodge the night before the European Soccer Final.

There were no televisions in the rooms at the lodge so we inquired where we could watch the final in the Town.

The next morning Mary came to our table and invited us to join them and their guests (Graham was celebrating his 60th birthday during our stay) in the den to watch the final.

They made us feel at home. The food is fabulous, with no detail too small to be overlooked.

The setting is beautiful with well-kept gardens.

The lodge is also ideally located and Mary is full of touring suggestions.

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