Kerry Fact Or Fiction

County Kerry is full of stories of fact, or are they fiction, or is there a bit of fact and hundreds of years of pieces being added to it.

What ever the true story is, it is always very colourful and full of energy.

From the Monks in Ballylongford, to just down the road at the nine daughters hole, and across the county to the servant at Kenmare, the wild colonial boy and Banna strand, there are plenty of stories in County Kerry, wether fact or fiction or a bit of both.

For instance, how did Senator John Kerry get his name? Did you know that his grandfather was born Fritz Kohn, a Jewish immigrant from Eastern Europe.

Fleeing anti-semitism, the Kohns decided to change their names, Fritz stuck a pin in an atlas, pierced County Kerry, and thought that will do as well as anything else. To complete the picture the family converted to catholicism.

If you know of a Kerry story, or can add to those included, you can even turn it into a book, I don`t mind, (we can share the royalties).

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Kerry fact or fiction

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