Kerry Wildlife

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I don`t mean, when I say Kerry Wildlife, I am writing about some of the local Kerry people, not even my mate Moz. No these articles are about the natural wildlife found in County Kerry.

No, I mean wildlife like the famous Natterjack Toad that in all of Ireland can only be found in County kerry, and then only on the Dingle Peninsula and nowhere else in Ireland. What about the fish swimming around the extensive Kerry Coast. The Kerry Macerel, you will have no problem catching a good dinner.

Then there is the famous and beautiful, proud, Kerry Blue, the The Wild Birds soaring over the Kerry skies and settling to nest every year.

The Wild Kestrel Bird Of County Kerry

The Hooded Crow Of County Kerry

Common-Field-Grasshopper Of County Kerry

Common Lizard Of County Kerry

White Tailed Eagle Of County Kerry

Bank Vole Of County Kerry

Kerry`s Common Earwig

Kerry`s Snakelock Anemone

Kerry`s Beautiful Robin Red Breast

The Hard Working Kerry Ant

Kerry`s Beautiful Swallows

The Kerry Cow

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