Kerry Travellers

Moz and myself have travelled to several spots around this great world. Travelling for Moz is in his blood, infact I first met him when his caravan past my cottage in Dingle, oh a good few years ago and we have hit the road once or twice every year.

Here are some of the best places we have seen and stayed in.


Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic and is situated on the banks of River Vltava in central Bohemia. Majority of the population in the city comprises the Czechs with a minority of Roma and Slovak communities. Being its strategic location too important, Prague is one of the cultural centers of Europe. It is the place for many historic sites and monuments, which have been preserved, here.


Have you ever been to Dusseldorf, if you haven’t, you must? Here is a list of the best Dusseldorf (DUS) Airport Hotels and a site to assist you while taking the amazing tour of the Dusseldorf (DUS) Airport area.


Why not pop on over to Hamburg? Here are some great places to stay at. Hamburg (HAM) Airport Hotels ~ An amazing site, everything will be taken care of since they are at your disposal with a diversified range of offers, so that you can totally enjoy your stay.

Ruther Glen Virginia

Ruther Glen is a small-unincorporated town located in the beautiful countryside of Caroline County, Virginia. The community is a part of the greater Richmond region and sits 30 miles north of the populous city. Ruther Glen is a very rare gem in itself. Despite its small size, Ruther Glen makes a very charming visit. While it is not a particularly well-known part of Virginia, you can be sure that it still has plenty to offer. The people here are very friendly and giving. The life in Ruther Glen is lazy and easygoing, and so is the scenery.

Many people come here, stay in the superb hotels and enjoy a relaxing game of golf at the Mattaponi Springs golf course, the area's most popular recreational attraction. Visit the historic one-room Jericho School to experience some of the area's rich past. If you are in the mood for some good food and BBQ sounds particularly good, then head on down to Hog Heaven. This family diner has some of the best pulled pork and ribs you'll ever taste. If you are looking for the perfect place to lay back and relax, or if you want to stop for some great food and hospitality, then Ruther Glen is definitely the place to go. You won't regret it!


Bengaluru. There are some great places to shop, dine and enjoy yourself in Bengaluru.


Malaga is the airport to land in for a great experience of Spain.