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Kerry Gaelic Football is the life and blood of the great County of Kerry. Its players, past and present, the County board and most of all the Kerry supporters are part of the history and fabric of the County and, indeed, of the folklore of Ireland. Walk into any Irish bar between Tralee, New York, London and Sydney and they will all know about the Kerry Gaelic Football Team.

Croke Park on final day, with the green and gold-clad gladiators marching behind the Artane Boy’s Band, sends your blood rushing, your brain burning, your emotions stretching over and beyond the point of no return.

Kingdom heroes they where, bringing back the “Sam Maguire” 33 times!! However the great and loyal supporters are also the most intolerant and indifferent supporters in the game. You’re a hero in one game and you are the villain in the next.

How did our heroes and villains reach the pinnacle of being the champions of Ireland, the envy and the jealousy of 31 Counties, the Manchester United of Ireland, and Brazil of Ireland?

             Read on, the story starts in 1903.

Three Epics Against Kildare 1903

A Tough Game Against Dublin 1904.

Tough Louth 1909.

A Great Wexford Team 1913.

Wexford 1914 The greatest exibition since start of GAA.

Dublin 1924 Back from the wilderness.

Kildare 1929 Sam comes to the Kingdom.

Monaghan 1930 Three In a Row.

Kildare 1931 The worlds greatest champions.

Mayo 1932 Tougher than they expected.

1937 An Epic Encounter Against Cavan.

1939 We Take On The Boys From The Royal County Meath.

1940 We Take On The Men Of The West, County Galway.

1941 We Take On The Tribes Men again, County Galway.

1946 Kerry V Roscommon, We take on another County from the West, County Roscommon .

1953 Kerry V Armagh, A thrilling encounter with the boys from Bandit Country, County Armagh.

Mayo 2006 Sam comes to the Kingdom once again.

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