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A sod of genuine Irish Turf from the leafy bogs of County Kerry Ireland.

Experience the captivating aromas of a warm burning sod of Irish Turf Peat.

This smell conjures up all manner of romantic associations

Close your eyes, relax, think back and literally go back in time to those cosy, calm, heady evenings of your youth.
Sitting around the blazing open fire with your family, some of who have travelled from the corners of the earth for a summer holiday, visiting friends from up the hill and across the fields.

Chatting about politics, the craic in the bars and the latest bit of gossip.

Take one deep breath of the scent of the smouldering turf – and you are there, you have gone back in time you are once again around the old open fire, with all your memories still intact.

Now you can enjoy this experience in whatever part of the world you have made your home, but never forgetting from where you came from.

We will ship direct to your home a genuine Sod of Irish Fire Turf.
Each sod measures approx 1 foot (350mm) long and approx 3" by 4" (75mm by120mm) square.

Each SOD of Genuine Irish Turf is just 15 Euro plus Shipping.


    EUROPE 9 Euro
    USA & CANADA 12 Euro


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