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If you live in Paris or Puerto Rico, getting to County kerry through air travel is a breeze (on a breeze, actually). Why?

Because Kerry Airport, or Farranfore, as it is affectionately called is virtually in the centre of Kerry, half way between Tralee And Killarney. Ryanair flies jets from Stanstead and Frankfurt if travelling from Europe by air and both flights are loaded with tourists --

Getting to county kerry can be cheap too, you can get some great discount air fares to Farranfore (Kerry), according to all the ads we've seen in the newspapers.

If you want to get to County Kerry From the USA or even any other part of the UK or Europe you will have to connect with Dublin or fly into Shannon, and drive from Shannon, a beautiful drive (I’ll tell you about that later)

Kerry Airport is fairly small. It's a picture-perfect, charming little Irish airport, the kind you see in movies. Friendly. Cozy. Even the customs agents are nice!

How do you get to County Kerry if not flying? Leave this to me I’m an expert on the sea and land travel, I’ve only got to go to a place once and that’s it, logged in the memory brain. (Maurice gets lost going to his favourite bar!!) Mind you I think it’s a way of him missing out on his round.

The next easiest way to get to County kerry is by car, ferry and car again. If travelling from the UK you can catch a ferry ship from Holyhead in North Wales, Fishguard and Pembroke in South Wales.

Do you know who you are? Does your great, great grandfather come from County Kerry?

The drive then to Kerry is nearly equidistant be it from Dublin, (once you get out of Dublin) if you get the ferry from Holyhead or Rosslare, if you arrive from Pembroke or Fishguard.

Stena Line and Irish Ferries have excellent comfortable, relaxing ships and the crossing is only three and a half hours.

There is another option, the Swansea Cork Ferry.

It takes a bit longer on the boat 10-11 hours, but you can get a bunk, have a meal and a few drinks for a night cap, wake up fresh for the day and the drive to Kerry is way shorter.

While I am on the subject, take the mountain road into Killarney, a more spectacular way of getting to County Kerry.

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