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A tour by car is the best way to see County Kerry and it is worth being aware that all Irish vehicles are right hand drive. Many of the secondary roads in Kerry tend to be narrow, bumpy and winding!! The "real" Kingdom of Kerry is one of twisting country lanes.

Driving on these lanes can be a pleasure with scenic treasures around every corner, but do not expect to get to your destination in record time!! You could very well find yourself stuck behind a herd of cows or sheep or a slow moving farm tractor, but your best option is to adopt the Kerry "sure there's plenty of time" attitude.

When you are exploring the more rural areas of the county the roads are simple two lane roads with a single lane heading in each direction, and they can be quite narrow and winding.

There are also some local roads that are bi-directional single lane roads that criss-cross the countryside. You won’t usually need to travel on these roads, but if you are and you encounter traffic coming the opposite way, you can usually find some slightly wider parts of the road where you can pull in as far as you can and the person coming against you will have just enough room to pass.

It can be a little daunting but take your time and leave the other driver do the passing after you have pulled over and you should be fine. You will also encounter farm animals on these roads, especially sheep, on the road. These animals are well used to motor traffic and will not move out of the way so you should drive around them if safe to do so.

The speed limit within town and city limits the speed limit is 50 km/h, and in some residential areas it can be 30 km/h. Kerry Pedestrians can be a nightmare to visitors to the county, jaywalking is a way of life and when you are driving through a town, the secret is to keep driving in a straight line and the pedestrian will work his own way across by dodging the traffic. 

Unlike in the USA/Europe, Pedestrian/Zebra Crossings are not always placed on intersections; they are frequently put on sections of the street that sees a high volume of pedestrian traffic, so keep an eye out for them anywhere.

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of the Kerry roads, don’t let it daunt you too much you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Just remember to enjoy your trip to Kerry.

Some Handy Tips

Get the best map you can find and/or GPS (although some GPS`s get lost in the real outback areas and mountains). You can plan your route well in a comfortable bar the night before.

Make sure you have plenty fuel in your tank as garages can be few and far between, and on that note make sure you put the correct fuel into it.

The wearing of seat belts, both front and rear, is compulsory both in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland.

Driving Under the Influence of alcohol is taken very seriously in Ireland and heavy penalties will be imposed on those found to be above the legal blood/alcohol limit. Random breath alcohol testing by the Gardai(Police) can take place at any time.

Now that you have got the gist of things about driving around County Kerry, then lets go on some spectacular Scenic Drives Around The Kingdom Of Kerry.

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