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County Kerry with its abundant array of lakes, Loughs, Rivers and rugged coastline means that wherever you are in the County you are never far from water that is richly populated with a variety of fish species. 

There is all year round coarse and pike fishing in thousands of venues ranging from tiny tranquil lakes and sheltered rivers to wide, deep rivers such as the Feale, the Laune and the Blackwater. 

And of course the famous Killarney lakes and Loughs for breathtaking beauty. Some are massive and taking a boat out can be the start of an angling adventure, whether in search of huge predatory pike a lovely sea Bass or one of the unique strains of brown trout, which are interspersed throughout the county. 

The seasonal runs of migrating Atlantic salmon and sea trout with the iridescent blue flanked summer grilse straight from the ocean are the game angler’s other quarry. 

Few will forget their first salmon as it comes up to the fly ... a swirl in the water; the bend on the rod and the screeching of the reel as the line strips out and the fight begins. 

Charter boats can take the sea-angler offshore to explore the wealth and diversity of species, which are to be found in the warmer waters of the Atlantic Gulf Stream on the south and west coasts. 

For those who prefer to stay on terra firma, the sound of Atlantic surf breaking on beautiful sandy beaches is the backdrop for the shore angler in search of hard-fighting bass. 

There is solitude and tranquillity and for those who like to fish in company, good companionship, excellent food and great ‘craic’ are guaranteed when the fishing day is ended. Besides tall fishing tales, interspersed with the truth, new methods, lures, flies and places to try are discussed in anticipation for the next day. 

Local knowledge, whatever the type of fishing, is always going to give the angler a better chance of success. So plan in advance to find out which waters will fish best to coincide with your trip. 

Gain knowledge of the methods that will work best to help achieve success at the time of year of your visit and even better book a guide who will try his hardest to help you have an angling experience of a lifetime. 

County Kerry is famous for its salmon and sea trout rivers. Fishing for Atlantic salmon is generally easily accessible and reasonably priced. The biggest fish, ‘springers’ usually run in the early months and weigh in at several lbs. 

Throughout the season, many fish are caught in double figures with some reaching the early 2Olbs mark. 

Grilse, smaller salmon that appear in the summer months from around early June, are swift, acrobatic and ready takers of the fly. They are distributed throughout most of the rivers and can be caught in large rivers such as the Feale, the Laune and Blackwater and also the many small spate rivers running into them. 

Salmon can also provide fine sport while Lough and lake fishing. Generally, salmon take best when fresh in from the sea, or just when the water is clearing after a flood. 

The single most important element in salmon angling is finding where the fish are. In rivers this means knowing the lies, the places where the salmon rest. This knowledge remains the key to catching fish. 

When Fishing in Kerry you should seek the help of a local experienced ghillie or local Fishing Tackle shop, (You will see a list of them further on) especially when planning to visit big rivers such as the Laune, Blackwater and Feale. 

These are prime examples of rivers, which can require deep wading in order to cover the lies effectively. Not only will your ghillie advise you of the most likely spots where fish may be located, but also what flies or spinning lure will work best and advice on wading down the river safely. 

Sea trout also run most of the salmon rivers making their appearance usually from late June to August as they return from feeding in estuaries and coastal waters. Size varies from 8oz to exceptional specimens of over 6lbs. 

Many sea trout anglers prefer to fish at night than during the day when the trout seek cover. Small spinning lures are a firm favourite with anglers targeting sea trout during the day. As with salmon they can be readily caught in receding summer floodwater. 

The Kerry brown trout can be found in almost all Rivers Lake and Loughs. In County Kerry it is a fish of an infinite variety of colours and sizes according to its environment. The acidic water from the Kerry Bogland produces small but brilliantly coloured fish whereas the trout from limestone Loughs can reach up to 2Olbs. 

Trout fishing in the Kerry Lakes and rivers is largely governed by the rhythms of the fly hatches on both Lough, Lake and river. The main hatches of duck fly emerge in late March and April and herald the start of the dry fly-fishing. 

May is one of the best months for the angler with the appearance of mayfly and what many regard as the most exciting of the Lough and Lake fishing. Lake olives, hawthorn and sedge also have their own timeslots. Again, the importance of having Kerry fly patterns cannot be emphasised enough for both wet and dry fly fishing. 

Tackle and equipment 

Most large towns in Kerry have fishing tackle shops where leader material, flies and other equipment may be bought. Shops with a full range of rods, reels and clothing. Kerry fly patterns may also be bought in these shops. 

Tackle shops can be excellent sources of angling information, especially local information, and will usually supply fishing permits for local waters. 

Fishing Tackle Outlets 

North Kerry & Limerick sea fishing club

Ballylongford, Co. Kerry.
Tel: Moblie +353 (0)83 1510844 Home: +353 (0)68 43804

Web: North Kerry & Limerick sea fishing club Facebook


Halpin Jim Fishing and Shooting Supplies

William Street, Listowel, Co. Kerry.

Tel: +353 (0)68 22392



Landers Outdoor World

Mile Height, Tralee, Co. Kerry

Tel: +353 (0)66 712 6644 Fax: +353 (0)66 712 4378



Twomeys Horse and Country

Unit 4, Park Place, High Street, Killarney, Co. Kerry.

Tel: +353 (0)64 6620166




Killarney Fishing Center

3 Glebe Lane, Killarney, Co. Kerry.

Tel: +353 (0)64 22884 or +353 (0)86 8435028 Fax: +353 (0)64 22884




6 Plunkett Street, Killarney, Co. Kerry.

Tel: +353 (0)64 31970 Fax: +353 (0)64 35689

Web: (coming soon)


Waterville Angling Center

Main Street, Waterville, Co. Kerry. (gillies & guides available)

Tel: +353 (0)66 9474942 or +353 (0)87 6766986




Bubbles Tackle Shop

East End, Cahershiveen, Co. Kerry.

Tel: Denis O'Shea +353 (0)87 6765109


Kerry Sea Fishing Boats


Freeward Fisher 30. 80hp Ford Skipper: Sean McCarthy 

Notes: Sails from Kenmare. Your Skipper has twenty years experience navigating the bay and our aim is to make your voyage fascinating, pleasant and safe. On board there is a toilet, seating, binoculars and all safety equipment.

Address: Kenmare Bay Angling And Sightseeing Cruises, Killowen, Kenmare, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 87 2592209




Interceptor. 215 Perkins Sabre Skipper: Jack O'Shea Base: Sneem Operational area: Kenmare Bay Notes: Reef and general inshore fishing.

Address: Rossdohan, Tanilla, Killarney, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 64 45337or +353 87 6329950 


Ocean Tramp 32'. Ford 120 HP Skipper: Sean O'Shea Base: Derrynane Operational area: Kenmare Bay Notes: Reef, shark and general inshore fishing.

Address: Skellig House, Bunavalla, Caherdaniel, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 87 6898431


Heather Valley 

32' timber boat Skipper: Richard Quigley Base: Valentia Island Operational Area: Valentia and Skelligs Islands Notes: Reef, shark and general fishing.

Address: The Fishery, Knightstown, Valentia Island, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 (0)66 9472406 or +353 (0)87 6155072



35' Offshore 105. 300 HP Ford Skipper: Siegy Grabher Base: Valentia Island Operational area: Valentia and Skellig Islands Notes: Specialises in deep sea fishing, wreck fishing and blue sharks. Accomodation can be provided. Rod hire and tackleshop available onsite. Website now in German, English, Italian, Dutch and French.

Address: Ballyhearny West, The Mill, Valentia Island, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 66 9476420 or +353 87 6871267



Mary Francis 

35' Offshore 105. 320 HP Skipper: Nealie Lyne Base: Valentia Island Operational area: To Great Skellig from Portmagee and Knightstown and up to 25 miles from point of departure. Notes: Package Deals Available, Fishing & Accommodation. Keen rates. Shark, Cod, Ling, Pollock, Conger, Ray, Dog, Bullhuss, Skate, Wrasse, Haddock and Whiting etc. Caught on a daily basis. Rods available for Hire.

Address: Altazamuth House, Jane Street, Knightstown, Valentia Island, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 66 9476300 or +353 87 6871261





Versatility 30 120HP Ford Skipper: Richard O Leary Base: Valentia Island Operational area: 3 miles to sea 15 miles from Knightstown or Portmagee Notes: All kinds of fishing. Rods and tackle available for Hire.

Address: School Road, Knightstown, Valentia, Co. Kerry. 

Telephone: +353 87 1274558 0r +353 87 6873500 



Ken Brencent 

Cygnus 36'. 350HP Skipper: Brendan Casey / Pat Casey Base: Caherciveen Operational area: Valentia and Skelligs Islands Notes: Reef, shark and general inshore fishing.

Address: Ohermong, Caherciveen, Co. Kerry. 

Telephone: +353 66 9472437 or +353 87 2395470 




38' Aquastar. 360 HP Skipper: Hugh Maguire Base: Caherciveen Operational area: Valentia and Skelligs Islands Notes: Sails from Caherciveen Pier. The main species The Anchorsiveen catches are Conger, Ling, Pollack, Cod, Coalfish, Pouting, Gurnard, Ray, Wrasse, Whiting, Haddock and Mackerel. Other specialised species are Bluemouth, Skate and Shark. Hugh has caught Ten Specimen fish and has received an award for this great achievement in March 2007.

Address: The Anchorage, Rocky Road, Caherciveen, Co. Kerry. 

Telephone: +353 (0)66 9472049 or +353 (0)87 2866910 Fax: +353 (0)66 9479189 


Wey Cheiftain 

Offshore 105. 320HP Iveco Skipper: Adrian Hanley Base: Caherciveen Operational Area: Up to 20 miles from base. Notes: General Angling, Family days, and Game Fishing for Albacore Tuna Mid July to September.

Address: Kilpecan Cottage, Aghaturbid, Caherciveen, Co. Kerry. 

Telephone +353 87 2571024 



Molly'O Tyler

42 Glass fibre hull. Twin Caterpillar V8 engines. Skipper: Rory O'Connor, ex trawler skipper, 20 years experience. Base: Dingle Operational area: Dingle Bay & Blasket Islands grounds.

Notes: Wheelhouse, 2 Radar, 2 Fishfinders, 2 VHF Radios GPS & Track plotter. Large Cabin, Galley, Seating & Toilet are for the fishermans comfort. All rods are Penn with Penn Senator reels (No extra charge) Large selection of lures. Full list of safety equipment aboard. Species fished Cod, Pollack, Ling, Coalfish, Mackarel, Skate & Shark. Whale, dolphin & bird watching tours available.

Address: 2 Woodlawn Avenue, Killarney, Co.Kerry.

Telephone: +353 (0)87 2213 900



Saimhin Sogh 

Freeward 35' Skipper: Pat Begley Base: Dingle Operational Area: Dingle Bay & Blasket Islands Notes: Species, Reef, Tope, Blue Shark

Address: Dingle Bay Charters,Marina Centre,Dingle,Co,Kerry

Telephone +353 (0)66 9151344 or +353 (0)87 6726100



Sarah Ellie 

Bluefin 40' Skipper: Paul Flannery Base: Dingle Operational Area: Dingle Bay & Blasket Islands Notes: Species, Reef, Tope, Blue Shark

Address: Dingle Bay Charters,Marina Centre,Dingle,Co,Kerry

Telephone +353 (0)66 9151344 or +353 (0)87 6726100



Emma Delia 

Cygnus Cyclone 30' Skipper: Tommy Russell Base: Dingle Operational Area: Dingle Bay & Blasket Islands Notes: Species, Reef, Tope, Blue Shark

Address: Dingle Bay Charters,Marina Centre,Dingle,Co,Kerry

Telephone +353 (0)66 9151344 or +353 (0)87 6726100



Blue Sky 

21' Redbay Fastliner. Skipper: Dominic Spencer Base: Killorglin Operational Area: Castlemaine Harbour east of a line joining Rossbehy Point and Inch Point and Coonana Cove. Notes: Kerry Sea Fishing specialises in small groups. Reef, tope, deep sea and inshore fishing. Fishing Dingle Bay/Cromane (Castlemaine) Harbour. Bait and tackle can be supplied and rods hired. Beginners are welcome, tuition given. Fishing deep sea over 200ft over rock and reef. Inshore over sand banks and mussel beds.

Address: Sycamore House, Laharn, Killorglin, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 66 9761612 or +353 87 2312366



Miss Fiona 

Leeward 36 Ft. Twin 130 HP Ford engine Skipper: Padraig O'Sullivan Base: Ballydavid Operational area: Brandon Bay, Tralee Bay. Notes: Shark, reef and general inshore. Eco-tours on request, birds, dolphins, whales and basking shark in season.

Address: Ballydavid, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 66 9155139 or +353 (87) 9475141


Deep Cove 

30' BWM Napier. 270 HP Skipper: Danny McCarthy Base: Scraggane Operational area: Brandon Bay, Tralee Bay. Notes: The boat caters for ten anglers. Scraggane pier is out to sea on the Maharee’s. The Maharee’s divides Tralee Bay from Brandon Bay. this enables us to fish the shallow’s to the East, or the deep to the West. Quality gear available.

Address: Keelballylahive, Castlegregory, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 66 7139003 or +353 86 8772746



33' Lochin. 250HP Mermaid Skipper: Michael Moriarty Base: Fenit Operational Area: Brandon Bay, Tralee Bay, Kerry Head. Notes: Offers reef and shark angling as well as general inshore angling.

Address: Tralaught, Fenit, Tralee, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 66 7136303 or +353 86 8470461 

Kerry Collen II 

Mitchell 31'. 270HP Skipper: John Deady, Brian O'Sullivan Base: Fenit Operational area: Brandon Head, Tralee Bay, Kerry Head. Notes: Offers reef and shark angling as well as general inshore angling.

Address: 12 Castle View, Fenit, Tralee, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: Tel: +353 (0)67 7124524 or +353 (0)87 600066 or +353 (0)860881977



County Kerry Fishing Guides and Instructors 

Bob Moss

Surf and shore angling ghillie

Notes: Bob Moss lives in Ballydavid and is an avid surf and shore angler with numerous specimen fish awards to his name. He has been fishing the length and breadth of the Dingle Peninsula for well over 30 years. He has written a couple of excellent books on the angling in that area. He provides guided fishing and advice on bait and where to fish. Bob has 12 specimen fish awards.

Address: Ballydavid, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 66 55158 or +353 87 438915



Vincent Appleby

Guide and Instructor for salmon and trout fishing

Notes: Having ghillied on Lough Currane for nearly 30 years Vincent is a great choice for those looking for a guided service or flyfishing instruction on the Lake. All ages are catered for and even experienced anglers will benefit from the watercraft and fly-lore unique to Lough Currane. All tackle is provided and accomodation can be organised if required.

Address: Eureka Lodge, Caherdaniel West, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 66 9475248



Salmon and Sea-Trout fishing Guide.

Notes: Neil is a experienced guide on the famous Lough Currane system, home to Ireland's largest sea-trout, and also noted for its salmon fishing. Boat and engine hire also available.

Address: Caherbarna, Waterville, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 66 9474527 OR +353 87 9942792



Val & Roger Baker, Ghillies and Saltwater Flyfishing Guide

Guides and Instructors for salmon trout and saltwater fly fishing.

Notes: Experienced guides and expert saltwater flyfishers, the Bakers offer flyfishing for brown trout, sea trout and Salmon in Lough Currane and other local rivers and lakes, as well as superb bass flyfishing. "Take your pick of the fishing during your stay with us. Mix bass sessions with salmon, trout and sea trout. Even have a session after pollock and wrasse. Follow a day fishing a lough with a ghille, by a day fishing the surf with a guide."

Address: Cloghvoola Fishing Lodge, Cloghvoola, Waterville, Co. Kerry

Telephone: +353 66 9478009 Fax: +353 66 9678009


Tim Moore, Angling Guide and Instructor

Guide and Instructor for salmon and trout fishing

Notes STANIC: Tim is a qualified guide and Instructor STANIC and has been a keen angler all his life. Wether you just want an enjoyable days fishing for wild brown trout in some of the most majestic scenery in Ireland, or the pursuit of Salmon and sea trout then he can take you there. Everyone from beginners looking for a days instruction in the basics of flyfishing up to competent anglers with a mistake that they want rectified are welcome.

Address: Tahilla, Sneem, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 64 75911

KB Fishing Ireland

Sea fishing guide

Notes: Kevin offers his clients over 20 years of highly successful fishing experience in and around the Waterville area as the longest established shore fishing guide in the locality. In his first season as an angling guide Kevin's logbook recorded 106 bass caught 9.5 lbs of which 103 were tagged and returned alive to the water. Species other than bass caught on the fly include Pollack and mullet to 5.5 lbs.

Address: Kevin Brain, Waterville, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 66 9474942



John Griffin

Salmon and trout fishing Guide

Notes: John is an experienced boatman and ghillie with over 20 years experience. Specialises in guided salmon and sea trout fishing on the famous Lough Currane, Ireland's undisputed trophy sea trout lake. John comes well recommended by both clients and competitors alike.

Address: Tarmens East, Waterville, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 66 9474370

John Buckley, Killarney Fishing Centre

Salmon and trout fishing Guide

Notes: John provides a guiding service for the Kerry region. Guided salmon fishing, trout fishing and sea trout fishing available. Home waters are the lakes and rivers in Killarney and Waterville. Boats supplied on the Lakes of Killarney. Tackleshop at home address.

Address: 3 Glebe Lane, Killarney, Co. Kerry.

Telephone/Fax:+353 64 22884 E-mail:

Frank Donnelly, Lakelands Farm

Guide and Instructor for salmon and trout fishing

Notes:Based on Ireland's best sea trout lake, Lough Currane.Frank is a professional angling guide and boatman and has his own boats for hire. All boats and engines are moored on the farm, 300 metres from the house, with easy access from the road with car park and boat shed. Sea angling can be arranged with local operators.

Address: Lakelands Farm, Lake Road, Waterville, Co. Kerry.

Telephone: +353 66 9474303 E-mail: Website:

John Murphy

Salmon and trout fishing Guide

Notes: John offers a comprehensive guide service, and with over 25 years experience of fishing this area, he can assure you that you will have a varied and rewarding angling experience. Specialises in guided fishing in the Waterville System, Killarney System, Caragh System, North Kerry and spate rivers such as the Kerry Blackwater and Sneem. In addition, John also has access to some private fishing on the Munster Blackwater which is regarded as Ireland's premier Salmon Fishery.

Address: Glenbeg, Caherdaniel, Co. Kerry. Telephone: +353 66 9475257 or +353 21 7331196

Waterville Fisheries Development Group, Lough Currane

Guides and Instructors from salmon and trout fishing

Notes: This site gives a list of Ghillies or Guides who through their knowledge and experience will allow you to fully realise the wonderful fishing that is on offer throughout the Waterville catchment. All our approved Ghillies are experienced boatmen with many years of angling behind them. All approved boatmen are insured.


Brendan Grant

Trout and salmon fishing guide

Notes: Working out of Sheen Falls Lodge Brendan Grant has set up a ghillie/guide service in the Kenmare,Killarney area offering guided fishing trips that are "off the beaten track" with a sense of adventure. "If you are visiting County Kerry Ireland this year why not give me a call and I can arrange a fishing trip to one of the most scenic rivers or lakes in the world."

Telephone: +353 87 6979395


Guy Buxton

Salmon and trout and Bass fishing Guide

Notes: Guy Buxton aka "unkybuck" a nickname earned from his likeness to the late John Candy in the film The Great Outdoors, has been fishing the waters around Kerry since a boy . He is just as likely to be fishing for Atlantic Bass in fresh surf as he is to be hunting Brown Trout in the beautiful rivers and lakes which the county is famous. His positions of Hon Sec of his local club "the Lough Lein Anglers' Association and as Vice Chairman of "the Kerry Federation Of Anglers" shows his committment to the conservation of our natural fishing habitats and wild stocks of Trout, Sea Trout and Salmon.

Address: Unkybuck's Angling Adventures, Leith West, Tralee, Co Kerry.

Telephone: +353 (0)87 2519764



John Quinlan

Salmon and Bass fishing Guide

Notes: John Quinlan works as a guide catering both for salmon and seatrout anglers and also for those who want a test of saltwater flyfishing. Actually the two types of fishing complement one another perfectly for, when conditions are calm and warm, and the salmon and seatrout refusing to take, the sea fishing is at its best making a welcome and exciting change from sitting on the beach.

Address: Thatch Cottage, Kenneigh West, Cahersiveen, Co Kerry.

Telephone: +353 (0)64 9474721




Sea angling guides

Martin Mc Gowan and Eugene Farrelly offer day and night session 7 days a week. We are experienced anglers and have been fishing Co Kerry for 20 years or more. Eugene has fished with the Irish team internationally around Europe and we are both members off Tralee bay and Waterville sea angling clubs. We are very keen match anglers and love specimen hunting.We have a lot to give the visiting anglers with our expertise in angling around the coast for bass, stingray, painted ray etc from shore and rock. We also supply fresh bait for the day to the anglers can also arrange boat trips.

Address's Fenit Tralee Co Kerry.

Telephone : +353 (0)864044671 and +353 (0)87 3152516


Fly Fish Ireland

Saltwater, pike, salmon and trout flyfishing guides. Notes: William Kavanagh and Mark Houhlihan run a guiding service 12 months of the year, mainly Cork and Kerry. Fly-fishing and plugging for pike and sea-bass. fly fishing, spinning and worming for salmon in season. Fly fishing for trout and sea-trout is also catered for in season. All flies supplied. All these tied to order.

Telephone: +353 (0)87 649 7442 or +353 (0)85 7794377



Irish Angling Tours

Guided salmon, trout, sea trout, pike and bass fishing

Notes: John Scanlan has been fishing in the Limerick and Kerry region for the past 47 years and has developed an excellent knowledge of the local rivers, lakes and beaches. He provides a fishing guide service for the Limerick, Kerry and Clare regions, offering guided salmon, trout, sea trout, pike and bass fishing; Autumn/Winter pike fishing and salt-water fly-fishing. John also offers fly-casting tuition for beginners and improvers.

Address: Clonoughter, Glin, Co. Limerick, Ireland.

Telephone: +353-6834300 Mobile: +353 879667803



Tom Ankettle

Guided salmon, trout, sea trout, pike and bass fishing

Notes: Tom Ankettle offer guided salmon, brown trout, rainbow trout and sea trout fishing in the Cork / Kerry region. Accomodation can be arranged for visiting anglers. Tom has represented Ireland at the European Fly Fishing Championships, has been a past captain of the Irish Team and will captain them again at the World Championships in Norway in 2013. He has won All-Ireland Iinter-pro River Championships with Munster on six occasions. Basic fly fishing instruction is available if required.

Telephone: +353 (0)29 76258 Mobile: +353 (0)86 0827484


Emerald Streams

Guided salmon, trout, sea trout and bass fishing

Notes: Emerald Streams provides a distinctive fly fishing guide service based in Killarney, Ireland and operates in the spectacular South West of Ireland in County Kerry and County Cork. With its rivers, streams and lakes and Atlantic coastline it's among the most scenic areas and one of the most significant fly - fishing destinations in Ireland.

Telephone: +353 (0) 8735 62665



County Kerry Sea Fishing Hotspots 

Dingle Peninsula 

Inch: Fishing for bass, dogfish, flounder sea trout, golden grey mullet and turbot.

Trabeg: Fishing for bass, dab, dogfish, flounder golden grey mullet and turbot.

Ventry: Fishing for bass, dogfish, flounder, mullet and garfish.

Clogher Head: Fishing for coalfish, conger, dogfish, mackerel, pollock and ballan wrasse.

Ferriter's Cove and Doon Point: Fishing for bass, coalfish, cod, dogfish, flounder, pollock and ballan wrasse.

Ballinrannig: Fishing for bass, coalfish, dogfish, flounder and golden grey mullet.

Feohanagh: Fishing for bass, flounder, golden grey mullet and ballan wrasse.

Brandon Creek: Fishing for conger, conger, bullhuss, pollock, rockling and ballan wrasse.

Cloghane: Fishing for bass, flounder and sea trout.

Fermoyle: Fishing for bass, flounder, plaice, thornback ray, turbot and painted ray.

Kilcummin: Fishing for bass, flounder, plaice, thornback ray, turbot and painted ray.

Sandy Bay: Fishing for bass, coalfish dogfish, flounder, sting ray, thornback ray and painted ray.

Castlegregory Beach: Fishing for bass, dogfish, flounder, thornback ray and painted ray.

Stradbally: Fishing for bass, coalfish, dogfish, lounder and turbot.

Brandon Pier and Beach: Fishing for bass, cod, dogfish, flounder, thornback ray, sea trout and whiting.

Dingle Harbour: Fishing for bass, conger, dab, dogfish, flounder, mackerel, mullet, thornback ray, rockling and ballan wrasse.

Anascaul: Fishing for bass, coalfish, dogfish, bull huss, mackerel, pollock, sea trout, trigger fish and ballan wrasse.

Keel: Fishing for bass, flounder and plaice. 

Dingle Peninsula Bait

Milltown Estuary: Lugworm and ragworm.

Dingle Beach: Razorfish.

Ferriter's Cove: Lugworm.

Cloghane Estuary: Crab.

Fermoyle Backstrand: Lugworm.

Kilshannig: Lugworm.

Keel: Ragworm, lugworm and crab


Dingle Peninsula Slipways

Dingle: A good slip

Ballydavid: A good slip

Brandon: A good slip

Scraggane: A good slip 

Ring of Kerry Hotspots

Blackwater Pier: Fishing for conger, dogfish, flounder, mackerel, pollock , thornback ray and trigger fish.

Gleesk: Fishing for conger, dogfish, bullhuss, pollock and ballan wrasse.

Lamb's Head: Fishing for conger, dogfish, bullhuss, pollock and ballan wrasse.

Derrynane: Fishing for bass, coalfish, cod, flounder, mullet, sea trout, golden grey mullet and turbot.

Hog's Head: Fishing for bass, cod, dab, dogfish, mullet, pollock and ballan wrasse.

Waterville Beach: Fishing for bass, dogfish, flounder and plaice.

Inny Strand: Fishing for bass, dogfish, flounder and golden grey mullet.

St. Finian's Bay: Fishing for bass, cod, dab, flounder, thornback ray, turbot and whiting.

Culoo: Fishing for cod, conger, dogfish, mackerel, polloch and ballan wrasse.

Knightstown: Fishing for conger, dogfish, bullhuss, thornback ray and trigger fish.

Lough Kay: Fishing for bass, flounder, bullhuss and thornback ray.

Kells Bay: Fishing for conger, dogfish, pollock and ballan wrasse.

Rossbeigh: Fishing for cod, dogfish, flounder, sting ray, thornback ray, sea trout, golden grey mullet, tope and turbot.

Ring of Kerry Bait

Derrynane: Lugworm.

Ballinaskelligs: Lugworm and white ragworm.

Rossbehy Creek: Lugworm.

Caherciveen: Crab.


Ring of Kerry Slipways

Sneem: A good slip

Portmagee: A good slip

Cahersiveen: A good slip

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