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Cahirciveen is the capital town of The Iveragh Peninsula. Two enormous foreboding buildings dominate the town. The massive O’Connell Memorial Church and the towering Garda Barracks. Both dominate the town of Cahirciveen.

The church was erected in honour of Daniel O’Connell both the cornerstone and arch keystone were gifts from the Pope; the stone-grained roof was the first to be constructed in Ireland.

Cahirciveen Church is the only Catholic Church in the world not named after a member of the Trinity, Holy Family or a Saint.

The towering police barracks, beside the river bridge, was burnt to a shell in 1922 around the time of the Easter Rising, but is now completely restored and worth a visit.

The story goes that the barracks was to be built in the North West Frontier of India, but due to a cock-up, the building plans were sent to the town of Cahirciveen.

The bridge across the river offers fantastic views of Valencia Harbour and the ruins of Ballycarbery Castle where the O’Connell’s had a stronghold. After the Cromwellian wars the leading O’Connell was banished to County Clare.

Cahirciveen is a fairly large village, or maybe a small town, but it has all the facilities a traveller would ever need. There are some entertaining bars for music, song and the Craic.

  • Eastend Bar, Sez (Music& song) Tuesdays.
  • Park Hotel, as you drive out of Cahirciveen. (Good Food)
  • Reggie’s Bar, Folk Music.
  • Scellig Rock Bar, Traditional music.
  • The Shebeen Bar, More Traditional music.

Cahirciveen has a Marina and sailing club, also there is a ferry from the harbour to Skellig Michael

There are plenty of excellent places for accommodation in Cahirciveen and the surrounding countryside.

Do you know who you are? Does your great, great grandfather come from Cahirciveen or nearby?

You know in these uncertain days people are here to-day and gone tomorrow I don`t mean gone from the Kingdom of Kerry to the Kingdom of Heaven. But gone to work in another Country in the World.

I remember in the Shebeen bar Sean a friend of mine used to have his regular pint of Guinness, I had a few with him any time I was passing through.

Then all of a sudden he started ordering three pints of Guinness at a time. Drinks the first, drinks the second and then drinks the third, then he pays the bill and leaves.

For a good few nights a tourist, who was sea-fishing by day and poped into the Sheebeen for a few pints himself in the evening, noticed and with his curiosity getting the better of him, asked Sean why he ordered the three Guinness all-together.

Well, says Sean, My brother Michael is in the USA and my other brother Liam is in Australia. We can't meet in the pub and share a Guinness, so we have an agreement that whenever we go have a drink, we order three pints and pretend we're together. The fisherman thought to himself, What a wonderful idea.

However just three nights later Sean came in and he ordered two Guinness. The fisherman was afraid to ask, but Sean seemed fine, so finally the fisherman asked, I see you've only ordered two Guinness tonight. Did something happen to one of your brothers?No, no, says Sean, They're both fit as a fiddle and healthy as horses! So why only the two Guinness? asked the fisherman. Ah, well now, says Sean, I've given up Guinness for Lent.

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The main road from Cahirciveen to Valentia on a rare snowy day

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