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Ballyheige Beach

Ballyheige is a favourite and popular seaside resort for people from as far as Dublin and the midlands. Apart from the fact that Ballyheige is supposed to have the driest and brightest weather in County Kerry, it also has long sandy beaches lapped by the Gulf Stream onto the strand of Ballyheige. Ballyheige lies west of Lixnaw, a quiet little resort on Ballyheige Bay.

The sands of Ballyheige Bay are tranquil and peaceful, perfectly safe for bathing with magnificent views of the Dingle Peninsula.

When you visit Ballyheige beach bring along a metal detector, for in 1730 a Danish ship the Golden Lion ran aground here, lured onto the shore by a false lantern light, the captain and crew were captured and the Golden Lyon’s cargo of silver have never been found.

Just north of the village is the striking ruin of Ballyheige Castle, nineteen century mansion designed by Morrison.

The shell of a castle built by the Crosbie family in 1812 dominates the town. From the outside it looks like a towering castle, until you have a closer look and discover there is nothing behind it.

Ballingary Castle (now in ruins), on the Shannon shore about 4 miles to the north, was a small fortress built by Crosbie in 1641.

There is fine coastal scenery in the neighbourhood, especially around the bold promontory of Kerry Head, which shelters Ballyheige Bay on the north.

In the cliffs and rocks of Kerry Head great numbers of "amethysts" and "Kerry Diamonds" are found. These are almost perfectly formed quartz crystals, purple or clear, with six sided conical ends.

Ballyheige, as mentioned earlier is a holiday town, and being a holiday destination it has all the trappings and locations to attract tourism but in an attractive style.

I’ve had a good few enjoyable nights in Ballyheige, but for the life of me I can’t remember one single pub I was in, Moz was collapsed on the strand after a sing song in one bar (he is that bad) and I was in a great B&B down the main street.

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