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Ballybunion is easy to get to if you are leaving Asdee, you drive, walk, cycle, hitchhike down the hill past a garage and towards Ballybunion.

The mouth of the Shannon is to the right of you, with County Clare on the other side. You are approaching Ballybunion from, what I think is, the most scenic way.

Straight out there is the Atlantic Ocean, but don’t stay on the main road into Ballybunion, pop into “Kerry Organics” on the way, down the road in Beal.

Kerry Organics is run as an organic dairy farm producing milk for the production of organic cheese and yoghurt. With the Atlantic Ocean blowing the cleanest air in Europe and unpolluted rain falling onto the soil, you can purchase the most natural cheese and yoghurt in the world.

Kerry Organics can be found at Beal Lodge, Asdee-6841137.

As you approach Beal you will come across a right hand turn, just at the bottom of the hill. Take this right and carry along the coast road, this way you will take in the scenery of the whole of the cliffs of Duneen.

It is quite a narrow boreen to drive along, a beautiful healthy walk, or a bit rough in places to cycle along. If you walk on the top of the cliffs, watch yourself, it can be a bit hairy in places.

Eventually you will link up with the main Ballylongford-Ballybunion road, take a right and the town of Ballybunion lies nestled on the Atlantic Coast down before you.

Ballybunion is a popular seaside resort, full of attraction and distraction.

With three spectacular beaches, personally I think that the stretch of beach from the castle to the Cashen is one of the most peaceful beaches in Ireland, let alone County Kerry.

It is about 5 Kilometres long, with Ballybunion Golf Course on your left, a good 100 metres width of beach and the Atlantic waves to look out on. If you can’t find a spiritual uplift taking this bracing walk on a windy day you had better head up into the town and order a double Powers.

The other two beaches, one called ladies beach and the other The Nun’s Strand are beneath the cliffs of Duneen.

Ladies Beach is usually fairly crowded especially on weekends and holidays. The cliffs are riddled with caves, which have proven to be very dangerous, especially as high tide approaches. 

         Did your family originate from Ballybunion?

The Nun’s Strand, named after the convent just above it, is a fantastic little beach if you can just get down to it. I used to be able to get onto it for swimming and fishing years ago, but the wild Atlantic Ocean has worn away all the paths down to it and it’s far too dangerous to get there now.

Ballybunion beaches are popular with surfers, canoeing and swimming, with well-trained Life Guards keeping their eyes on everyone enjoying him or herself, as the tide and currents can be quite treacherous.

If you desire a more relaxing day at the beach and need to cure your aches and pains at the same time, why not have a Seaweed Bath.

A good long soak in an oily, slimy hot Seaweed bath is one of the most exhilarating, relaxing experiences you will ever enjoy. A Seaweed bath is a sauna, a spa, a massage and aromatherapy all rolled into one, or just a place to forget your problems and cares.

Dividing the main beach is a hunk of rock where Ballybunion castle stands, once a Fitzmaurce strong hold. The wall is 30ft wide and 6ft thick and has become the Ballybunion logo. 

There is a superb cliff top walk around the cliffs which leads along the headlands to the top of the nuns strand and beyond along the top of the Cliffs of Duneen.

Half way round, plunging down inside the cliff is a 12ft wide blowhole, which is fenced off for safety reasons. You can hear the crashing of the waves on the rocks 40ft below, and on a dark moonless night, the screams of the 8 daughters of the O’Connor chieftain can be heard.

To this day it is known as “The Nine Daughters Hole”.

The O’Connor Chieftain was proud of his daughters until he discovered that they were planning to elope with his hated enemies The Norsemen.

One night on the 27th of October 1430, he overheard them planning their future in Normandy France. Nine excited beautiful County Kerry Colleens, who had met the dashing men of their dreams, tough fighting men, who had fallen head over heals in love with the O’Connor girls of Ballybunion.

The chieftain went berserk, how could he demand respect from tribe if his daughters ran away with these Norsemen. He had no choice, he dragged them to the blowhole, and one by one, threw them down onto the jagged rocks and incoming tide below. 

Ballybunion has one of the most challenging golf courses in the world. 

Take a look at these reviews of Ballybunion Golf Club 

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Do you love the game of Golf, can you imagine taking the perfect stroke on sunny morning, blue skies, a touch of dew on the fairway and that wonderful sound as the club makes contact with the ball as it flies through the air to its desired destination, a brilliant shot, one of your best. LIFE IS GOOD.

President Clinton played around here, and he played a good game of golf as well.

There is a bronze statue of Bill, as I know him quite well, outside the Garda Offices as you approach Ballybunion from the Tralee/Listowel road. 

You can walk/drive straight on down the main street or turn right and go past the church, curve round to the left at the top and see Bally B at its finest.

The vast Atlantic ocean is in front of you and on a good day it’s a great view, and while admiring the view why not pop into the Cliff House Hotel, order a pint from Kevin, sit down, relax and admire the view for the next half hour.

If you hit it on the evening, late evening at that, there will be music from Noel Nash, he sings a beautiful rendition of “ Limerick you’re a lady”. I think he wrote it.

If you have any news or views on Ballybunion please email me and I will include it on this page, thanks, Tom.

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Ballybunion Is A Fun Place To Be!!!


Ballybunion: Ballybunion Golf Hotel: "Excellent Hotel next to Ballybunion Golf Club" From A San Marcus Visitor.

We recently stayed 2 nights at The 19th Lodge and couldn’t have been more pleased with the place. Mary Beasley (The owner and the cook, receptionist etc she does it all!) treated us like we were family. She is extremely gracious and helpful with anything you might need. The deluxe rooms are well worth it, they were the biggest rooms and bathrooms we had throughout our 2 weeks stay in Ireland. It was very comfortable, quiet and relaxing. The breakfasts are wonderful! I would definitely stay here again if ever I get back to Ballybunion. 


Ballybunion is one of the loveliest towns and even though I don't play golf the beaches alone are worth the trip. This September will be my 5th trip to County Kerry and over the weekends I stay at the Cliff House. The hotel is comfortable; it's the people that make it charming and inviting. The owners are welcoming; the dining room staff is the friendliest anywhere and the food is excellent (the soda bread is to die for). Highlight for me is the entertainment in the pub when everyone gets together and sings along with Noel Nash and his traditional ballads. The locals are chatty and inclusive and inquisitive, and the pub exudes hospitality, song and laughter long after closing, especially when, on an off night, Noel can be persuaded to go home and fetch his guitar and start to sing all over again. Wouldn't miss it for the world.


For those of you that want to really enjoy the quaint seaside town of Ballybunion, stay at the Cliff House. The personal service (gave us a ride in her car to the ATM) provided by the mgr. Fiona and her staff was the best. The views are great, the full Irish breakfast was superb and say hi to Angela and Phyllis (the most accommodating bartender in town). Hope to see them soon!!!!Dave Enright .


stunning scenery rain or shine, two top class golf courses, not to mention fantastic beaches with wide variety of natural features and wild life, the largest pod of dolphins in Europe jumping through the surf just off the beach as well as a variety of water sports, very famous seweed baths renowned for their rejuvenating treatments, a top of the range theatre ‘Tinteán’, a state of the art health and leisure facility not mention an array of bars and restaurants sure to tickle the taste buds and quench a thirst after a jam packed day. 


The World Fleigh Comes to Ballybunion. 

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I often go to Ballybunion as that is where my parents retired to. My favourite pass-time is after the dinner; it’s always at about 2.00 o’clock there, I go for a healthy walk around the cliffs along a bit of the beach and up into the town. I bring the daily newspaper with me pop into one of bars and sit down for a quiet read with my pint of Guinness.

My favourites are The Exchange, because it is next door to the bookies, The Railway, there`s always a raging fire on in the winter, good for watching sport on TV too, and The Bunker.

The Bunker does be frequented by golfers from time to time, who had just played a round down the road. Well this day I chose to pop into the Bunker. I was sitting down reading the paper and sipping my pint when a couple walked into the bar. I`d say they were in their 50`s and you could tell there was a frosty atmosphere about them.

They walked over to the bar he ordered a double Powers and a cup of tea for the wife. They sat down on the next table to me and by their conversation they had just lost in a doubles tournament, mainly because she had missed the last put. He went back up to the bar and ordered another double Powers, came back and sat down.

There was silence for about 5 minutes and then he spurted out, “I still can`t believe how you missed that last put, it was no longer than my willy.” “But this was hard” she came straight back at him!!

Have you ever smiled whilst sipping a Guinness?

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