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On the 4th of July Killarney celebrates Independence Day in America in commemoration of its long standing relationship with the United States, as Killarney proudly welcomes thousands of US Tourists every tourist season.

AN AIR of pageantry and fun fills the town as it is magically transformed into a USA Main Street with entertainment on the street, Wild West characters prowling the streets, together with brass bands and American cuisine to be savoured at a huge charity barbeque.

A wonderful weekend is lined up and the town will be awash with colour as the annual Killarney 4th of July Celebrations get underway.

The main highlight will be the huge Fourth of July Street Parade on the evening  which features Disney Characters that we all know and love including modern favourites from Toy Story and Spongebob Squarepants.

The town of Killarney has a very longstanding association with the United States Of America. It spans decades and has been one of the building blocks for the town we have today, largely due to the number of Americans that visit annually

Every year Killarney welcome thousands of American citizens to the South West but ultimately Killarney is the destination. This is why the Killarney Chamber Of Tourism & Commerce wanted to recognise and celebrate this cherished relationship and Killarney 4th of July Celebrations is the exciting result.

Be up early because the 4th of July will commence with a 7am “Dawn Chorus” of the Star – Spangled Banner performed by a chorus drawn together from local choirs especially for the event. The ceremonial hoisting of the USA flag over the Town Hall will be an incredibly emotional event as huge numbers of our American visitors join with our Dawn Chorus and hold their state flags aloft and sing their national anthem with pride.

Down town Killarney will be transformed into Main Street USA and the town will come alive with street entertainment throughout the day. Watch out for The Wild West Troupe as they roam the town shooting up the place looking for an easy target or Bank to raid.

Brass bands and can- can girls will perform on the streets and if you are feeling peckish don’t forget the celebration charity BBQ at 4pm at Scott’s Hotel Scott’s Street kindly sponsored by the Henggeler-Moriarty Family and Scott’s Hotel in aid of Kerry Cancer Support Group.

The big parade will commence at 8pm, making its way from the car park at the Killarney Outlet Centre and winding its way down College Street and Plunkett Street before culminating in Main Street USA alias Main Street Killarney for the mother of all parties.

This is the biggest celebration of America’s Independence outside of America itself. The Town of Killarney want to show their American visitors how truly appreciative they are of them and so the whole town comes out and celebrate the day.

This is of course a celebration of all things American so wear your colours, bring your flags and join Killarney and its people on Monday 4th of July as Killarney becomes hometown USA just for a day.

No 4th of July Celebration would be complete without a spectacular fireworks display, which will round off the evening and light up the night sky over Killarney.

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