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1st Stop County Kerry is a Web Site of all the information you will ever need concerning absolutely everything in County Kerry. We propose to build a site that when you need info on County kerry you will click on 1st stop county kerry.

We have lived in and travelled around every nook and cranny of this great County they call the Kingdom. We have drunk in and enjoyed the “Craic” of all the best pubs (and a few dodgy ones), of which we will let you know about later.

We have climbed the Mountains, swam in the Atlantic waves, sailed around the coast, walked along the Kerry Way and rested among stacks of hay.

We have seen The Puck, won and lost money at Listowel Races, had a chat with the Rose Of Tralee (and went back for another chat). Got lost in The Black Valley, drowned our sorrows in Ballybunion,Ballyduff, Kilmoyle and Ardfert (to name but a few) and celebrated nearly everywhere else.

Lonely Planet describes this mystical part of Ireland as “mysterious islands off a craggy coastline; mist-wreathed mountains and lakes; castles, abbeys and other ruins to explore … no wonder Co. Kerry appeals to the imagination of travellers of all ages.”

With attractions for all members of the family, they say, “This wild part of Ireland is perfect for children (and adults) with a sense of adventure.

Admire the raw power of the Atlantic Ocean during a horse ride along Rossbeigh Beach or let your water babes sign up for surf school; take an epic journey through Killarney National Park, where the Gap of Dunloe trip combines a boat trip with walking, cycling or a pony and trap.”

From the stunning scenery, to wildlife, to the solid chocolate Easter eggs, the Kingdom the County of Kerry is definitely the best county in Ireland to visit, experience and relax in.

For a start there is the glorious scenery. Where ever you go in Kerry you will be amazed at the scenery, there is there's just too much beauty to behold.

Seriously, if you haven't gone through Conor Pass, sailed over to the Blasket Islands or visited Skellig Micheal, the Lakes of Killarney, the mountains and the Kerry Beaches you're missing out.

There's nothing more heavenly than Kerry's fresh air, especially if you are a kid running around. Definitely better than breathing in fumes from a hectic life style in a cramped smokie unfriendly City.

You can see Fungi the Dingle Dolphin. An invincible dolphin who lives on and on. Apparently he's been in Dingle Bay for 30 odd years now.

A trip to County Kerry means wherever you stay you will be less than half an hour away from a beach. Can't beat it. Pretty much every beach in Kerry is within reasonable driving distance and they're proper beaches too, with rock pools and places to explore none of this pebble-only nonsense.

Running down sand dunes. A trip to the beach also meant getting the chance to run down the dunes – Banna Beach and Glenbeigh are particularly fantastic for sand dune shenanigans!

County Kerry has the best ice cream. Easily the best ice cream in Ireland. Murphy's in Dingle has an amazing selection that any child would love. The best treat growing up!

And then there is solid chocolate eggs from Skelligs for Easter and luxurious chocolate all year round.

Fancy a bit of Fishing. With miles of unspoilt coastline, crystal clear lakes and no shortage of rivers it's easy to see why County Kerry is such an angling hotspot. If you want something a bit more exciting how about surfing. County Kerry is a surfers dream. The county has two peninsulas, and part of a third , so no matter what way the wind blows, there is always good surf to be found somewhere in the county.

If you love the sea, why not try Scuba Diving Scuba-Diving in County Kerry is the Jewel in Ireland's Diving Crown, which is also, might I add “THE” place to dive in Europe! How about a game of Golf If Golf had a heart; it would be in County Kerry.

Every town and village in the County of Kerry has one or two Festivals . There is always something on the horizon.

Then after a day taking in all you could in the County there is nothing better than a relaxing enjoyable evening listening to traditional music in the local bar and when you walk back to your B&B or hotel look up at the clear sky, the stars twinkling like diamonds (did you know that parts of Kerry has been designated a Dark Sky area.)

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